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Fall 2008 : Embedded system hardware


Text book

Designing Embedded Hardware, John Catsoulis, O'Reilly


Real-Time Concepts for Embedded Systems, Qing Li, CMP books

Embedded Systems Building Blocks, 2/e, Jean J. Labrosse

Samsung S3C6400, SMDK6400 Base, SMDK6400 CPU

Samsung S3C2440, SMDK2440 Base, SMDK2440 CPU

Reference sites

Samsung : http://www.samsungsemi.com/

Mavell : http://www.marvell.com/

Reading lists

Object oriented development method for reconfigurable embedded systems
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Volume 147, Issue 3, May 2000 Page(s):153 - 158

Reconfigurable Hardware for High-Security/ High-Performance Embedded Systems: The SAFES Perspective
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Avalanche: an environment for design space exploration and optimization of low-power embedded systems
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A software/hardware co-design methodology for embedded microprocessor core design
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Hardware-Assisted Run-Time Monitoring for Secure Program Execution on Embedded Processors
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A Parallel Hardware Architecture for Scale and Rotation Invariant Feature Detection
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