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Fall 2009 : Microprocessor design


Text books

Computer systems organization and architecture : John D. Carpinelli

ARM system developer's guide : Andrew N. Sloss, Morgan Kaufmann


Computer organization and Architecture : William Stallings

ARM Architecture Reference Manual : ARM

Reference sites

ARM : http://www.arm.com/

Design software : http://www.altera.com/

Reading lists

Dynamic voltage and frequency management for a low-power embedded microprocessor
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Volume 40, Issue 1, Jan. 2005 Page(s):28 - 35

Constraint-based test-scheduling of embedded microprocessors
Bartzoudis, N.; Tantsios, V.; McDonald-Maier, K.;
Micro-Nanoelectronics, Technology and Applications, 2008. EAMTA 2008. Argentine School of
18-19 Sept. 2008 Page(s):29 - 32

The ARM9 family-high performance microprocessors for embedded applications
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5-7 Oct. 1998 Page(s):230 - 235

32-bit embedded processors: the push for higher performance
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Aerospace and Electronics Conference, 1995. NAECON 1995., Proceedings of the IEEE 1995 National
Volume 1, 22-26 May 1995 Page(s):371 - 375 vol.1

A Design of Embedded Terminal Unit Based on ARM and Windows CE
Jiang Min;
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Aug. 16 2007-July 18 2007 Page(s):2-336 - 2-340

Reconfigurable real-time address trace compressor for embedded microprocessors
Shyh-Ming Huang; Ing-Jer Huang; Chung-Fu Kao;
Field-Programmable Technology (FPT), 2003. Proceedings. 2003 IEEE International Conference on
15-17 Dec. 2003 Page(s):196 - 203

The TMS34010: an embedded microprocessor
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Introducing the FR500 embedded microprocessor
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