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Spring 2008 : SoC Application Design


Text books

Samsung S3C6400, SMDK6400 Base, SMDK6400 CPU


ARM Architecture Reference Manual : ARM

Designing Embedded Hardware, John Catsoulis, O'Reilly

Samsung S3C2440, SMDK2440 Base, SMDK2440 CPU

Reference sites

ARM : http://www.arm.com/

Samsung : http://www.samsungsemi.com/

Mavell : http://www.marvell.com/

Reading lists

Issues in using heterogeneous HPC systems for embedded real time signal processing applications
Bhat, P.B.; Lim, Y.W.; Prasanna, V.K.;
Real-Time Computing Systems and Applications, 1995. Proceedings., Second International Workshop on
25-27 Oct. 1995 Page(s):134 - 141

Using PC/104 embedded-PC modules for embedded applications
Lehrbaum, R.;
WESCON/'93. Conference Record,
28-30 Sept. 1993 Page(s):633 - 638

FPGA prototyping of a RISC processor core for embedded applications
Gschwind, M.; Salapura, V.; Maurer, D.;
Very Large Scale Integration (VLSI) Systems, IEEE Transactions on
Volume 9, Issue 2, April 2001 Page(s):241 - 250

Tutorial IND2A: Embedded Systems Design with Xilinx Virtex-5 Series FPGA
Patel, P.;
VLSI Design, 2007. Held jointly with 6th International Conference on Embedded Systems., 20th International Conference on
6-10 Jan. 2007 Page(s):16 - 16

Hardware/software codesign and rapid prototyping of embedded systems
Slomka, F.; Dorfel, M.; Munzenberger, R.; Hofmann, R.;
Design & Test of Computers, IEEE
Volume 17, Issue 2, April-June 2000 Page(s):28 - 38

Hardware-software co-design of embedded systems
Wolf, W.H.;
Proceedings of the IEEE
Volume 82, Issue 7, July 1994 Page(s):967 - 989

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